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Before there was Louise Pearlie, there was

Professor Simon Shaw

Simon Said

1st book in the Professor Simon Shaw mystery series

Winner of the Malice Domestic/St. Martin's Press Best First Traditional Mystery Award

Forensic historian Simon Shaw likes his murders old and cold, and his first case fits the bill.  An archaeologist friend has found a skeleton with a bullet hole in its skull in his current dig. The police want to know who the victim was. Simon investigates doggedly until he identifies the corpse as an heiress who disappeared in 1926. Shaw feels driven to find out who killed her. But this turns out to be more than an academic exercise when someone who wants to hide past secrets tries to murder him!

"Shaber charms us with her personable prof and her warm, vibrant portrait of Southern life."--The New York Times Book Review

Snipe Hunt​
2nd book in the Professor Simon Shaw Mystery Series
Simon travels to Pearlie Beach, North Carolina to spend Thanksgiving vacation with friends. But instead of relaxing, he is persuaded to investigate another mystery from the past.  So he and his friends work to find the missing links between a WWII diver's suit that is dredged from the water, a dark family secret, and confederate gold,--all while interrupted by murder.
An Alternate Selection of the Mystery Guild
The Fugitive King
3rd book in the Professor Simon Shaw mystery series
Deep in the woods beneath the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina, a forest ranger finds the remains of a young woman who disappeared forty years ago, entombed in an old pickup truck. Back in Raleigh, the confessed killer, who is serving a life sentence for her murder, now asks Professor Simon Shaw to help prove his innocence. Simon puts old memories, small-town gossip, and obliging relatives to good use, but finds a surprising lack of evidence against the supposed killer. A second murder disguesed as an accident points Simon in the right direction, leading him to a stunning discovery hidden deep in the hills, to a secret worth lying--and killing--for.
A Mystery Guild Book Club Selection
The Bug Funeral

4th book in the Professor Simon Shaw mystery series

"Sarah Shaber's strongest book yet. The Bug Funeral kept me totally absorbed. I literally could not put it down."--Margaret Maron

"The clues fall neatly into place, revealing family secrets in this unique, well-written installment of Shaber's enigmatic series."--Romantic Times Magazine

"Credible characters, smooth and natural dialogue,...and a creative solution to the mystery all lift this well above the cozy average." --Publishers Weekly

ShellGamecover 3.jpg
Shell Game

5th book in the Professor Simon Said mystery series

Professor Simon Shaw encounters his oldest, coldest corpse yet--14,000 year old Uwharrie Man--the center of a murderous struggle for ownership of his bones that has already claimed one victim. Are there more to come?

"Great characters, flawless plotting and topnotch writing."--Mystery News

"Keep a careful eye on fun Shell Game. As a plotter of whodunnits, the author is hard to beat"--Wilmington Star-News

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