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Louise's War

1st book in the Louise Pearlie WWII mystery series


Louise Pearlie, a young widow, has come to Washington DC to work for the legendary Office of Strategic Services, the precursor to the CIA.  When she discovers a document about her college friend Rachel Bloch--a young French Jewish woman she is desperately worried about--Louise realizes she may be able to help Rachel escape from Vichy France.  But then a colleague whose help Louise has enlisted is murdered, and she realizes she is on her own, unable to trust anyone…


​“Louise’s War is Sarah Shaber’s best novel yet.” Margaret Maron

Louise's Gamble - cover.jpg
Louise's Gamble

2nd book in the Louise Pearlie WWII mystery series

Louise Pearlie knows little about Alessa di Luca, other than that she is a war refugee – and she doesn’t ask. It is none of her business, after all, and she is accustomed to secrets. One night, though, Alessa shocks Louise by revealing that she knows exactly where Louise works – and hands Louise an envelope to give to her superiors. Soon Louise is sucked into a dangerous game of mafia bosses, Nazi spies, banished royalty and Sicilian aristocracy – which threatens to place first her job, and then her life itself, in jeopardy . . .

"Winning...A delightful mix of feminine wiles and real-life history that will keep readers turning the pages."-Publishers Weekly

Louise's Dilemma

3rd book in the Louise Pearlie WWII mystery series

Louise Pearlie is asked to investigate a puzzling postcard referred to OSS by the US Censor. This mission sends Louise and FBI Agent Gray Williams off to the eastern shore of Maryland to interview the recipient. But it seems that the recipient and his wife might be up to something that looks a lot like treason. Louise is determined to find out the truth, whatever the cost...

"Shaber does a nice job of creating a WWII-era atmosphere without weighting readers down with too much period window dressing. A very good entry in this new and promising series."--Booklist

Louise's Blunder

4th book in the Louise Pearlie WWII mystery series

Government girl Louise Pearlie is asked to review the file usage of a missing analyst from OSS, only to learn he'd drowned in the Tidal Basin days before. It seems to be an accident, and Louise returns to her regular duties. But her life soon takes a dangerous turn, and she can't help but worry she'll wind up floating face down in the Tidal Basin herself.

"This series keeps getting better."-Booklist

Louise's Chance

5th book in the Louise Pearlie WWII mystery series

Louise Pearlie has a new job at OSS--recruiting German POWs for a secret OSS mission.  It's her big chance to escape the file cabinets of her old job. But when she and her colleagues arrive at Fort Meade to interview the POWs their mission is beset with complications of all kinds, including the death of one of the prisoners. It was officially ruled a suicide, but Louise has her doubts...

"Once again takes the smart and independent heroine into one of the lesser-known arenas of the war...A faithful re-creation of wartime life."--Kirkus Reviews

Louise's Lies.jpg
Louise's Lies

6th book in the Louise Pearlie WWII mystery series

On a bitterly cold December night, government girl Louise Pearlie and her friend Joe Prager are enjoying a quiet drink in a local bar when a bloodstaired body is discovered behind the counter. When it seems that the murdered man is known by OSS, Louise is ordered to keep her mouth shut--even when interviewed by a police detective. The deception takes a toll on her, especially when she discovers that she wasn't the only customer in the bar that night with something to hide. Will her silence cause an innocent man to be arrested for murder?

"Shaber does a fine job portraying the plight of alien residents in wartime Washington."--Publishers Weekly starred review

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